Manage everything for your pest control company with RoutesPro


Realtime Tracking & Communication

Our mobile app tracks technicians in realtime with the ability to send photos and messages to the branch managers to show proof of work.

Powerful CRM

RoutesPro holds customer data, contracts, payment information, sales team, technicians, branch managers, top management and data together all in one place. Important events are sent via notifications and reminders.

Intelligent Routing

Our routing tools are time saver for your technicians and sales teams. It effectively impacts the amount of customers you will see each day which in turn impacts your revenue.

Multiple Offices

RoutesPro is dynamic, every branch independently manages everyday operations through RoutesPro, while HQ manages all the branches from their central location.

Insightful Reporting

RoutesPro has built customized reports for every level of the pest control industry.

Automated Recruitment

We have made the most tedious task of your business, easier. With hellosign, we have automated online contract sign and report trail. Candidates can be moved to employee pool inside the tool. Recruitment insights can be seen from smart dashboard.

Employee Training

We have an integrated training module. Corporate and branch offices can upload and assign training materials to employees. Employees can view them through their mobile app and web access.

Sales & Technician app

Both sales and technicians have their iOS and android mobile app for their convenience. They can perform their daily tasks and reporting through their mobile apps. Branch and corporate office can access the data that are uploaded by the apps, immediately from their central dashboard.

Housing Assignment

In order to manage the housing and beds for each of your sales reps & technicians, we have built an integrated housing module inside the application. It allows you to manage allocations of apartments and beds along with furniture assignments.

Three way communication

RoutesPro allows you to send email and SMS to customers back and forth from inside the application. It can grab incoming emails and SMSs centralised in customer cards. So you don’t have to search in a hundred places to find every single detail about a customer. The platform allows, branch-customer-salesrep-technician communication.


We are constantly working on adding more elements into the application to ease your day to day operation as well. You will be able to manage daily servicing, followups, communications and many more from RoutesPro. We are working hard to make that experience better.

Integrated Billing Solutions

Sales teams will process billing directly from the
RoutesPro App

Easy to setup, Easy to use

Our engineers will setup the software within 48 hours and your organization will be ready to run.

First Time Payment or Recurring Billing

RoutesPro is ready to process first time payments or start recurring billing for your customers. Auto reminders for the branches and customers.

Contract Template

RoutesPro, has pre-built edit ready templates for you to but your company touch on and send.

Sophisticated and Fast Routing Tool

RoutesPro is an easy to use tool for eCommerce and away to present your products.

Multiple Routes

Branch managers can create and manage multiple routes from a single page. Assigning tasks has never been that easy.

Intelligent Routing

RoutesPro uses AI and Google mapping algorithms to generate the fastest routes for your technicians. For fast service and happier customers!

Foot Steps

Our intelligent footsteps module provides snapitzs of footsteps and proof images of work when technicians spray the houses. Those are sent to customers to increase customer satisfaction at the end job.

Sales & Technicians Leaderboards

It's important to understand and motivate real performers. RoutesPro generates performance leaderboards for your sales and technicians team.

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